Let's give you a little insight into what happened at the office of NINÉ in the last couple of months!

Over the past few months, we've been hard at work crafting our brand identity, designing products, pack and unpack countless boxes, organize a brand shoot, but most of all, embracing the organized chaos with a lot of fun. We will guide you through some memorable moments.

As you might have read in the previous blog, NINÉ wasn’t supposed to be the brand name at first. Nina went on a business trip to Mallorca to clear her mind, be inspired, and return with renewed energy and fresh ideas. However, before she left, we had already ordered packing materials such as stickers and cards, all bearing the name NIEN. But as soon as she returned, there was a slight change of plans: NINÉ had to be the name! 

So, after Nina was completely sure about the name NINÉ (let's hope she was this time…), it was time to give the products one final glance, ensuring the colors, materials, shapes, and packaging were all perfect. The moment to make it “official” had arrived. Now the waiting game could begin. After a long period of patience filled with excitement, we received an email with the message 'a few weeks left!'. So, another period of waiting, more patience, and even more excitement passed, but then finally the doorbell rang! And all the boxes were there! Yayyy!











Campaign Shoot
The next phase began: the one we had all been looking forward to, the campaign shoot. We traveled to Zeeland in a loaded cars (a 2.5-hour drive from Amsterdam). Although we anticipated a long but fun day, it exceeded our expectations. As a little side note, there were only girls that day, so you can imagine the fun mess :)      


Countdown to launch: the final weeks of preparation for the big day!
After a well deserved long sleep, it was time to make a to-do list for the last 3 weeks before the big day to spread NINÉ out on the tables. One of the to-dos was to create content to serve you with inspiration, ensuring that you can make one of the nicest places in the house even nicer. So keep an eye on our Instagram and TikTok account for all the creative ideas you need. Additionally, we wanted to be fully prepared for the launch day, so we can process all your orders and assist you with any questions!

So don’t hesitate, as you shouldn’t in the kitchen either, we are here for you. Let’s have some kitchen parties together! Let NINÉ dance on your table.

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