You've probably already noticed, but something new has been cooking. It’s called NINÉ and will bring your kitchen area to the next level. During these journals, we will take you through all the ins and outs of NINÉ, from how it started to every next step we take. You will find all the answers to your questions and some inspiration for every occasion. So make sure you stay up to date and dine with NINÉ until late.

To start with, we've got some fun facts for you.

  •  The brand name was originally intended as NIEN. We had ordered all the samples and branding materials as planned. But when Nina returned from her business trip to Mallorca, she decided to change everything to NINÉ. Oops...

  • Several products were already featured in Nina's latest cookbook, Tafelen. So, take another good look inside and at the cover 👀

  • All product names are named after Nina's best friends, who are also her bridesmaids.

  • The NINÉ team is exclusively made up of women. #girlpower


'Nina's best friends' 



 'Do you see what we see?...'                          








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