For all our '03 babies who have turned or are turning 21 this year, the season of 21 dinners is coming up! With all your other friends celebrating as well, you'll want your dinner to stand out. Our first collection of kitchenware has been live for a little while, and we've got loads of theme's that fit perfectly with it.



Starting off strong for our pink lovers, a pink dinner. This theme might be a little less original, but - if you do it right - not any less cute. You want your pink dinner to be 'fabulous' but cozy as well, and that's where NINÉ comes in! Our Pink Iris Collection is a perfect combination between both, due to the color but informal print. It doesn't stop there though: our Name Cards Hanna are something cute to finish off your pink table setting. 



If we're speaking of dinners that radiate coziness, we could argue the Italians do it best. The summer feeling, unbeatable food and atmosphere make the occasion like no other. Looking at our mood-board we notice lots of stripes, blues and not to be forgotten: lemons. Keeping the stripes in mind, the Green Kelly Tablecloth will be the perfect base for your table, as it fits the relaxed Italian vibe and yellow tints the lemons throw into the mix. However, if you're a fan of all the blues, our Blue Marrit Collection has multiple items that can help you with that. Want to spice up your table? Take a look at our Menu Cards Sophie. 



What's the first color that comes to mind when you think of a seafood themed dinner? We dare to guess it's blue, and we've got an entire collection dedicated to it. The Blue Marrit Collection has a tablecloth to start off your table, matching napkins and unique placemats, but be careful, your guests will probably want to take them home ;) . Take a look at our collection and mood-board and get inspired!


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